Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Control Valves for Gas Turbine Applications

    Woodward’s gas turbine control valve platforms are used for:

    • gas fuels/liquid fuels
    • water/steam injection
    • compressor bleed air to meet turbine requirements.

    Most valves can be supplied with either hydraulic or electric actuation, and many units provide a secondary shutoff capability.

    Gas Fuel Control Valves
    Gas fuel control valves for aero-derivative turbines incorporate a shear type design that provides superior performance in less than ideal fuel environments. Alternatively, plug-style gas control valves are normally specified for frame gas turbine applications.

    Liquid Fuel Control Valves
    Liquid fuel control valves generally utilize either bypass or throttling technologies, depending on the specifics of the fuel system architecture.

    All valves include single or multi-coil position feedback that allow external valve drivers to accurately position the valve in a closed loop configuration. Gas and liquid valves are available for all types of combustor designs including the most demanding dry low NOx applications.

    For low emissions applications Woodward also supplies modulating water or steam injection valves. For water injection, valve components that come into contact with water are manufactured using high grade ceramics that minimize galling and erosion. Steam valves are usually supplied in a butterfly style with a wide range of flow capacities for aero-derivative and frame gas turbines.

    Some turbines require control of compressor bleed air, and Woodward’s integral actuator/butterfly valve designs are customized to the specific needs of the turbine application.

    Class VI gas and liquid fuel shutoff valves are solenoid operated in either 24Vdc or 125Vdc versions.

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