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    Electronic Controls for Steam Turbines


    505E (Extraction/Admission) Steam Turbine Control

    Woodward’s 505E digital steam turbine control can be configured to operate single extraction and/or admission steam turbines of all sizes. The 505E digital control is field configurable, with menu-driven software to instruct site engineers on programming the control to a specific generator or mechanical drive application.

    The 505E control's unique PID structure makes it ideal for applications where it is required to control several steam plant parameters at once, like turbine speed, load, and inlet, extraction, or exhaust header pressures.

    Learn more from the 505E product specification 



    • Power: 18–32 Vdc, 90–150 Vdc, 88–132 Vac (47–63 Hz), 180–264 Vac (47–63 Hz)
    • Speed: 2 MPUs (1–30 Vrms) or proximity probes(24 Vdc provided), 0.5 to 15 kHz
    • Discrete Inputs: 16 Contact Inputs (4 dedicated,12 programmable)
    • Analog Inputs: 6 Programmable Current Inputs (4–20 mA)


    • Valve/Actuator Drivers: 2 Actuator Outputs (4–20 mA or 20–160 mA)
    • Discrete Outputs: 8 Relay Outputs (2 dedicated, 6 programmable)
    • Analog Outputs: 6 Programmable Current Outputs (4–20 mA)


    • Serial: 2 Modbus (ASCII or RTU) Comm Ports (RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 compatible)


    The 505E’s control capabilities are:

    • Speed/Frequency Control
    • Extraction / Admission Header Pressure Control
    • Turbine or Generator Load Control or Limiting
    • Turbine Inlet Header Pressure Control or LimitingTurbine Exhaust Header Pressure Control or Limiting
    • Plant Import/Export Power Control or Limiting
    • Isochronous Load Sharing between units (with DSLC™control)


    • Critical Speed Avoidance (3 speed bands)
    • Auto Start Sequence (hot & cold starts)
    • Valve Limiter(s)
    • Security (Program is Password Protected)
    • Dual Speed/Load Dynamics
    • First-Out Indication (Shutdowns)
    • Zero Speed Detection with proximity probe (< 0.5 Hz)
    • Peak Speed Indication for overspeed trip
    • Two Programmable Functions Keys on the 505E’s frontpanel
    • Two independent Modbus comm links
    • Remote analog setpoints for Speed/Load, Ext/Adm, Aux, and Cascade
    • Program upload/download capability
    • Feed-forward decoupling algorithm for compressors
    • –25 to +65 °C ambient air temperature range
    • Optional NEMA type 4 (watertight and dust-tight, indoor/outdoor) enclosure for bulkhead mounting with a temperature range from –25 to +55 °C
    • Approximate dimensions 14L x 11H x 4D inches (356 x 279 x 102 mm)
    • Approximate bulkhead enclosure dimensions 20L x 20H x 7.6D inches (508 x 508 x 193 mm)
    • Humidity: Lloyd’s ENV2 test #1
    • Dry heat: Lloyd’s ENV3
    • Salt fog: US MIL-STD-810 method 509.2 procedure 1
    • Shock: meets US MIL-STD-810C, method 516.2-1, procedure 1B
    • Vibration: Lloyd’s ENV2 test #1
    • Certifications: CE (18–32 Vdc version only), UL, & cUL