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Electronic Controls for Steam Turbine Applications

Woodward’s configurable and programmable digital steam turbine control platforms offer simplex, duplex, and TMR options that incorporate proven software and hardware, backed by decades of experience.

Woodward offers the largest selection of standard off-the-shelf steam turbine controllers in the market to address today’s cost pressures, without sacrificing performance or reliability. These controls are designed for any size industrial steam turbines, and require minimum engineering time to configure to a specific application. The software has been refined and proven in thousands of applications.

Fully programmable control platforms allow turbine OEMs or Woodward’s channel partners to create a custom controller with site specific algorithms, logic, and protection functionality as required by the application. Utilizing Woodward’s GAP (Graphical Application Programming) environment, control engineers are able to create the required applications utilizing proven algorithms tailored for turbine control and Woodward’s hardware.

This software flexibility, along with the simulation environment (Netsim), allows users to test and evaluate a wide range of scenarios before installing the software. The flexibility reduces commissioning time at site, potential for unexpected onsite changes, and safety issues.