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    Software for Electronic Controls Utilized on Industrial Turbines


    Graphical Application Programmer - GAP™

    Woodward’s GAP™ is a Windows-based software program that allows controls engineers to create block format application programs for a number of Woodward control systems. Once the control logic is entered using a graphical programming environment, the GAP software compiler function generates code that runs in the control.

    GAP software is Woodward's pictures-to-code programming tool. This programming system uses libraries of control objects connected in a graphical format. The final control design is displayed as a group of interconnected blocks that represent the actual functionality of the code running in the control hardware.

    As an independent company, Woodward and its partners are able to provide full service, support and upgrades. Woodward takes great pride in customer support, and we continue to support fielded products for as long as parts are available. When upgrades are required, Woodward’s OEM and Channel Partners are able to provide upgrade services on all controls.

    Through standardization and attention to software evolution, Woodward’s partners are able to adapt 1990’s software into today’s advanced control platforms with minimal changes or no changes required. Our world-class software environment allows for updates to be done in GAP or imported as single blocks from other commonly used software environments including Matlab, C++, etc.

    Learn more from the GAP product specification 

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