Woodward Fuel Systems for Industrial Gas Turbines

    Fuel Systems for Gas Turbines – Small Industrial, Aeroderivative and Heavy Frame

    Woodward system teams specialize in producing complete auxiliary skids including valves (control, shutoff, drain/vent), sensors, filters, frame, wiring, pipe layout, hydraulic system, etc to optimize performance and reduce cost.

    In support of some of the most demanding OEM customers, Woodward’s application system engineering team has developed a robust process for producing complete systems. Depending on the complexity of the application, the process can include full modeling and simulation, dry rig testing and wet rig testing. In addition, once the computer model is developed it can be incorporated into the full control application and turbine model to evaluate the complete turbine performance over the entire operating range, including simulation of multiple failure modes. This also creates a significant reduction in troubleshooting time and cost if an unexpected event does occur. It can be quickly simulated and a solution identified remotely, long before a field service engineer could be dispatched to site.

    Through a close working relationship with our customers, including onsite engineering when required, the Woodward team is able to drive to the required performance while reducing total cost and complexity while increasing reliability. By simulating the performance of the system prior to installation, significant savings in test time and commissioning costs have been repeatedly demonstrated.

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