Woodward Industrial Turbine Combustion Systems

    Turbine and Engine Combustion Products – Nozzles, Injection, Ignition, Sensing and System Architecture

    Woodward provides safe, stable, and predictable combustion products, critical for safe operation of gas turbines and reciprocating engines. Our well-designed system offers continuous low emissions, high efficiency, and high reliability, key operating factors that allow users to meet performance criteria and local regulations.

    As a system supplier, Woodward approaches combustion from multiple perspectives that few companies are able to match. As a result of our experience in nozzles, injectors, ignition, and sensing Woodward is able to provide input on design alternatives.

    In addition to design support, Woodward tests and proves design concepts for our OEM customers. We have developed dedicated test facilities including:

    • turbine combustor rig
    • advanced air/fuel mixing test facilities for liquid fuels
    • multiple engine labs around the world

    In addition, we work with leading universities to demonstrate new technologies through proof of concept and life testing. Woodward is able to serve as a valuable partner in turbine and engine design by integrating early trade study/analysis with design architecture development, followed by system testing.

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