Woodward Industrial Turbine Air Valves

    Air Valves for Small Industrial, Aeroderivative and Frame Gas Turbines 

    Woodward air valve platforms apply to gas turbines utilizing compressor bleed valves, inlet bleed heat valves, and purge valves.

    Woodward offers compressor bleed, bleed heat, bypass valve, and actuator designs in sizes up to 36” butterfly valve. The engineering team evaluates the turbine system requirements for each type to determine if an off-the-shelf, proven design is appropriate, or if the requirements dictate a new valve. In many applications, Woodward is able to leverage designs and platforms from either existing reciprocating engine applications or aircraft turbine applications.

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    Woodward provides an advanced valve platform to reduce cost, improve reliability and performance flexibility. The RVP-200 is a high-pressure, high-temperature electric hybrid butterfly valve that can be used in a variety of applications. Electric actuation can be used up to an 8” valve. The valve is designed for both process automation (oil and gas, refinery, Pulp and paper, chemical, etc) markets, but is an excellent solution on turbines. The first application was to control purge air in the dual fuel systems. The electric actuation allows for modulation of the valve, providing better control of the purge air into the system. Temperatures in this application range up to 900 F.