HighPROTEC Protection Devices – Release 3.6

    Ready for the Future:


    G99 Issue 1 Amendment 3

    Protection Relays, Release 3.6: Ready for the Future : VDE-AR-N-4110 : G99 Issue 1 Amendment 3

    Woodward announces the availability of the new Release 3.6 of the HighPROTEC protection devices.

    We have spent much care to make the HighPROTEC protection devices compliant with the latest grid standards, and we have added a lot of important new features related to protection, security and SCADA communication.

    As a summary of more than a year's development work, we can now issue our new Release:

    Protection Relays, Release 3.6: Ready for the Future : VDE-AR-N-4110 : G99 Issue 1 Amendment 3

    Top new features added with Release 3.6

    • The protection functions have been adapted to fulfill the requirements of the VDE‑AR‑N‑4110/4120:2018. ( Details)

    • G99-1-3 / G99 Issue 1 Amendment 3: Frequency and df/dt (ROCOF): Increased precision and measurement options. ( Details)

    • Wattmetric Ground Fault Protection has been added. ( Details)

    • Improved stabilization for CT saturation (ANSI 87).

    • New SCADA communication protocol IEC 60870‑5‑104. ( Details)

    • SCADApter, a new graphical tool for mapping data-points of the Modbus and IEC 60870‑5‑104 protocols. ( Details)

    • Trip direction visualization has been added to our operating software Smart view. ( Details)

    • IT security – extended security features. ( Details)

    • Usability improvements. ( Details)

    • New Hardware Variants for MCA4 and MRA4. ( Details)


    The HighPROTEC series is compliant with the VDE AR-4110 and VDE AR-4120.

    • For MCA4, MRA4, MRU4 and MCDGV4, a VDE‑AR‑N‑4110:2018 component certificate is available.

    • For MCA4, a VDE‑AR‑N‑4120:2018 component certificate is available, too.

    Compliance with G99 Issue 1 Amendment 3

    Frequency measurement and ROCOF (df/dt) measurement is now user-adjustable.

    The ROCOF precision of 0.025 Hz/s is now achieved.

    Furthermore, measurement precision has been improved.

    Wattmetric Ground (Earth) Fault Protection

    Wattmetric ground Fault Protection is now available for ground fault detection in compensated (cos) or isolated (sin) grids.

    Selectable operating behavior between supervision and trip for the ground overcurrent and voltage supervision functions.

    New SCADA communication protocol IEC 60870‑5‑104

    The IEC 60870‑5‑104 communication protocol is now available for all relays with Ethernet interface.


    SCADApter is a great new tool enabling a reorganization of the communication registers for Modbus or IEC 60870‑5‑104.

    This is beneficial for Retrofit projects. Registers can be adapted to your needs.

    That means you can replace an old relay without the need to adapt the SCADA system or without the need to buy a converter box.

    Trip direction visualization

    Our operating software Smart view can visualize the trip direction settings for phase and ground faults.

    With just one button, you can launch a graphical display of the trip direction.

    IT Security

    Various additional features are at your disposal in order to protect your critical infrastructure.

    • Encryption of the TCP/IP connection between PC (Smart view) and protection relay.

    • Device-specific communication certificates for each protection relay to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

    • Time penalties for multiple input of faulty passwords.

    • Specific passwords for remote access.

    • Passwords persistent (will survive Firmware upgrades).

    • Syslog: IT security relevant messages can be directly sent to a central server that collects and monitors these events.

    • . . .

    Usability Improvements

    • LED acknowledgement: It is now possible to immediately acknowledge (reset) latched LEDs by pressing the »C« key for about 1 second without entering a password. (It is possible to deactivate this feature, e. g. for applications with strict security requirements.)

    • Latched output relays: A latched relay gets acknowledged (reset) automatically if its intended behavior is reprogrammed from “latched” to “unlatched” (no more need of additional manual acknowledgement).

    • New and improved design for Technical Documentation / User Manuals:

      The documentation has been redesigned in a more compact form. You can spot topics easily and browse quickly through all documents due to hyperlinks and an Index chapter.

    New Hardware Variants for MCA4 and MRA4

    • New device variants MCA4‑2E, MRA4‑2E with more Digital Inputs and Outputs.

    • New device variants MCA4‑2F, MRA4‑2F with Analog Inputs and Outputs.

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