Woodward Secondary Flight Controls for Electromechanical Actuation


    Leading the field in the design and manufacture of fixed-wing aircraft actuators  

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    Woodward actuators are in use worldwide on demanding fixed-wing aircraft, from light business jets to large commercial and military aircraft.

    Woodward’s secondary flight control applications include spoiler actuators, flap actuators, trim actuators, flap and slat position sensing units, and speed brake actuators. These electromechanical applications may include:
    brush or brushless motor technology 
    position sensing 
    integral electronics 

    Woodward has a distinguished history of providing customers with a solution that integrates seamlessly with the aircraft system

    Flap Actuation Systems
    Woodward produces multiple flap-actuation systems for fixed-wing aircraft. These systems include everything from fingertip to wingtip: flap levers, flap actuators, and electronics controllers. Woodward also produces electromechanical flap systems that contain two to six electrically synchronized flap actuators. Our capability provides a lighter aircraft solution compared to traditional flap systems.

    Woodward remains at the forefront of electromechanical actuation technology. Our research and development efforts continue to advance our technology as we develop the best performing, most cost-effective actuation solutions. All development and qualification is conducted on-site. Woodward provides extensive support to a large worldwide customer base.

    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology secondary flight control system solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at afs-actuation@woodward.com.