UG Actuators

    Hydraulic powered electric actuator for engine or turbine control


    ugact.gif                       UG 40 Governor  


    Woodward’s UG and UG40 actuators offer the advantages of electronic control and load sharing systems while using the convenient, existing UG-type drives and linkages. The actuators provide the muscle for Woodward analog and digital electronic controls. The actuators can be used with diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines, as well as with steam and industrial gas turbines. The actuators have a self-contained oil sump, so a separate oil supply is not required.

    The UG actuator produces 20 J (15 ft-lb) of work over 42 degrees of rotary output.

    The UG40 actuator produces 85 J (63 ft-lb) of work over 38 degrees of rotary output.

    Features include:

    • Proportional electro-hydraulic actuator simplifies transfer from mechanical governing
    • Works with all Woodward 20–160 mA output electronic control systems
    • Self-contained oil supply
    • Integral magnetic pickup available

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