TM-55P Proportional Actuator

    Superior electrohydraulic control for engines and turbinesTM-55P 

    The TM-55P actuator is an electrohydraulic, proportional actuator for controlling diesel, natural gas, and gasoline engines, or steam and gas turbines. It is designed for use with Woodward analog and digital controls. With an adapter, the TM-55P will interface directly to Woodward liquid and gas fuel valves. It is particularly well suited for use in control systems requiring a rotary mechanical output that is proportional to electrical input.

    The standard TM-55P has an aluminum case with through-hardened stainless steel internal parts. Hydraulic fluid is sealed from the torque motor by a preformed packing ring between the armature and the servo-valve housing, which eliminates pickup of fluid contaminants. Additionally, the supply pressure inlet is a 40 μm nominal/70 μm absolute filter fitting. Viton A elastomer O-rings with Teflon cap seals provide dynamic sealing of the main servo and output shaft.

    The actuator can be mounted in any position desired. A dual-coil torque motor is optional for redundancy. An optional position-feedback transducer for position indication is also available.

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