Woodward Electronic Control Solutions

    Woodward offers cost-effective and advanced technology electronic controls for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators and equipment packagers. Our core electronic technologies, systems and components control critical functions in diesel and gas engines, turbines, compressors, generator sets, switchgear, industrial and defense vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and guided missiles.

    We offer a broadly diversified range of electronic supervision, protection and control systems and components, as well as custom engineered solutions: 

    • Woodward control system solutions are unsurpassed in the power generation industry, from the simplest to the most complex
    • Our smart system and component solutions control industrial gas turbines generating from 30 kW to more than 500 MW of power
    • Our CONCYCLE® brand of frequency converters improves power uniformity and quality in wind turbine, power generation and other energy management applications
    • We provide a complete range of fuel and combustion management solutions for diesel and spark-ignited engine management, as well as alternative fuel systems and vehicles
    • Woodward steam turbine controls and innovations are renowned throughout the electrical power generating industry
    • Commercial and military aircraft and turbine engine manufactures rely on Woodward electronics for flight controls and integrated “FADEC” fuel management systems
    • Woodward electronics enable our nation’s smart defense systems to perform accurately and reliably under the most severe battlefield conditions
    • Our product support services, flexible pricing, industry-leading turn-around times are world class

    Throughout the broad range of global power generation, energy management, transportation, aerospace and defense industries, Woodward provides cost-effective and innovative electronic control solutions. Review the menus and links on our website for the products, technologies and contact information specific to your needs.