Woodward Electronic and Software Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Actuation

    Woodward designs and produces an extensive range of electronic and software solutions for aerospace and defense actuation systems. Our proficiency ranges from simple control and amplification for motors, sensors, and valves to complex, multi-channel, closed-loop controllers. Woodward offers scalable off-the-shelf electronic solutions, as well as sophisticated electronic and software design, development, and manufacturing capabilities.

    Our commercial and defense capabilities for aircraft, helicopter, UAV, guided missile and stabilized weapon sysems include:


    • Digital and analog electronics
    • Full system design, development and qualification
    • Discrete component control and amplification for motors, sensors, and valves
    • Multi-channel closed loop servo and proportional control
    • Printed circuit board design, development and manufacturing
    • Software design and development
    • Certification to RTCA/DO-178B level A standards
    • Embedded software systems
    • Electronic and software integration, analysis and simulation
    • Position, velocity, acceleration and load control
    • System diagnostics, health monitoring and built-in-test (BIT) checks
    • Wide range of temperature, vibration, shock, EMI and operating environments
    • Innovative packaging and form factoring

    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology solutions for aerospace and defense actuation. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at AFS-Electronics@Woodward.com.