Woodward’s DTSC-200 for ATS Controller


    Woodward’s DTSC-200 is the ultimate control for new ATS (automatic transfer switch) builds and retrofits. A complete measurement and protection package, it easily configures to Utility-to-Generator, Generator-to-Generator, or Utility-to-Utility systems for open, delayed, or closed-transition transfer with synch-check to ensure the smoothest possible transfer.

    High-end features like transfer inhibit, source priority selection, load shed, motor load disconnect, elevator pre-signal, and engine exerciser timers come standard in this incredibly versatile, cost-effective control.

    Feature overview:

    • Configurable for open, delayed, and closed transition transfer
    • Configurable for Utility-to-Gen, Generator-to-Generator, and Utility-to-Utility applications
    • Closed transition transfers can be accomplished in times < 100ms
    • In-phase monitoring (sync-check)
    • Load/no load test functionality
    • Engine exerciser (load/no load test) routine with fully adjustable interval
    • Peak shaving mode
    • Load shedding
    • Extended parallel time (for closed transition transfers that take longer than 100ms)
    • Transfer and/or re-transfer inhibit
    • Source priority selection
    • Elevator pre-transfer and motor load disconnect timers
    • Event/Alarm log system with real time clock
    • Internal breaker interlock utilizing discrete inputs for breaker position detection
    • Freely configurable discrete I/O with support for external I/O expansion units (e.g. Woodward IKD 1)
    • RS-232, RS-485 and CAN bus interfaces for remote control and visualization purposes
    • Supports CANopen and Modbus RTU protocols
    • PC and/or front display configuration
    • 128x64 pixels graphic LCD display
    • LogicsManager provides programmable logic functions that eliminate relay logic or PLC`s
    • True RMS voltage, current and power sensing
    • LEDs for source availability and breaker status


    Power supply

    12/24Vdc (6.5 to 40 Vdc)


    max. 8W

    Ambient temperature (storage)

    -30 to 80 °C / -22 to 176 °F

    Ambient temperature (operation)

    -20 to 60 °C / -4 to 140 °F

    Ambient humidity

    95 %, non-condensing

    Voltage AC input

    120Vac and 480Vac true RMS


    Class 1

    Current AC input

    1A or 5A true RMS, isolated

    Accuracy Iac

    Class 1

    Discrete inputs (isolated)

    Range: 12/24Vdc (8 to 40Vdc)

    Relay outputs




    Front panel mounting

    Plastic housing

    Dimension (WxHxD)

    219 × 171 × 61 mm

    Sealing (front/back)



    Approx. 800 g






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