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Woodward Controls for Mobile & Industrial Equipment

    Engine control systems to improve efficiency, reliability and performance while reducing emissions

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    Woodward components and engine control systems are used in diverse mobile and industrial equipment such as forklifts, excavators, trucks, buses, or stationary engines. We understand that your key concerns as an OEM are emissions, safety and security, productivity, noise abatement, and lower operating cost. That’s why our engine control solutions help you provide customers with competitive advantages that enhance their profitability.

    Talk to us about your toughest requirements and performance needs in propane, natural gas, or diesel engine control.


    Diesel and Gas Mobile Equipment Applications

    Diesel Engine Control Systems

    Whether you need to shut down an engine or make it run faster, you can rely on Woodward diesel engine control products and systems to make it happen. On fuel systems we offer fuel solenoids for safety shut downs. We also provide rotary and linear actuators, with and without position sensing. Our robust controllers provide optimal control and monitoring of engines and engine systems.
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    Propane and Natural Gas Equipment Applications

    Mobile off-highway vehicles run better and cleaner under a Woodward engine management system. Woodward control systems help OEMs meet legislated emissions levels while maintaining diesel-like drivability and excellent fuel economy.
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    Aftertreatment Control Systems

    Our solutions to control engine emissions and our expertise in aftertreatment systems are based on decades of proven and advanced control experience in emission control components and system integration.
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