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Woodward Controls for Locomotive Applications

    Enhancing the reliability, performance and emissions of locomotive diesels


     Based on a half-century of expertise controlling diesel locomotive engines, Woodward offers a wide range of technologies that enhance reliability, performance and emissions.

    • For precise speed and load control, Woodward PGE and PG-EV locomotive governors have been proven in locomotive service throughout the world.
    • A variety of diesel fuel injection technologies, from simple mechanical injection to the latest in low-emissions, high-pressure common rail systems, provide reliable service.
    • Electronic engine controls and rapid control system development tools  interface with locomotive control systems to optimize performance and efficiency.
    • Actuation and valve technology can precisely control exhaust gas flow, turbocharger boost pressures, air flows, and other processes to improve power output, efficiency, and emissions.
    • Aftertreatment control units  provide automatic regeneration of particulate filters and dosing control.