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Control and Protection Technologies for Power Generation and Distribution

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    Enhancing the Global Quality of Life and Sustainability by Optimizing Energy Use through Improved Efficiency and Lower Emissions

    Our technologies and services enhance energy conversion of renewable and fossil fuels, energy extraction and distribution, and electric power generation and distribution. Major power generation OEMs throughout the world use Woodward engine management systems and genset controls, as well as power converters for CO2-free renewable energy generation.

    Our power management systems for diesel, natural gas, and alternative-fueled engines successfully address strict EPA emissions regulations while providing reduced overall cost of system ownership. These technologies have helped us maintain preferred supplier status in the diesel- and gaseous-fueled power generation industry, plant control systems operation, and the wind power generation industry.

    Backed by decades of experience with generator controls, load sharing, synchronization, and power protection technologies, Woodward's power generation control solutions set standards worldwide.

    Benefits of Woodward's Control Technologies

    • Seamless integration of protection and control products
    • Performance to meet demanding applications
    • Fuel efficiency and emissions compliance
    • Reliable products for increased uptime 

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    No matter what type of prime mover is driving your generator -- be it steam or gas turbine or a gas or diesel reciprocating engine -- Woodward makes products to control speed, fuel, exhaust emissions, and manage load that are tailored for your specific prime mover. Woodward's supplementary prime mover protection products provide independent over-speed protection separate from that found in the speed controller with additional monitoring functions to quickly shut down the prime mover in the event of an unsafe condition.


    • Highly flexible and configurable
    • Integrated parameter monitoring and data logging
    • Speed controls that accept external biasing signal

    Woodward has a legacy as the "benchmark" in the distributed power generation industry for high-quality, reliable synchronizers, load sharing controls and generator controllers. These modern integrated engine-generator controllers provide full control and protection capability for a multitude of generator applications -- from isolated, emergency standby gensets to parallel operation of multiple generators in complex distribution systems.


    • Digital generator and transformer protection
    • Automatic synchronizing, dead bus closing, breaker control and load sharing
    • Load management for base loading, import/export control and peak shaving
    • Load-dependent start and stop functionality for fuel savings

    Woodward circuit breaker controls, protection relays, and multi-function protection relays provide effective, reliable operation of complex distribution systems, protect valuable equipment, and ensure the safety of personnel for feeders, motors, and transformers in medium- and low-voltage electrical systems. Woodward's automatic transfer switch controllers provide the same functionality common in more expensive, PLC-based control systems.


    • Advanced communications protocols
    • Integrated fault simulator function for testing trip levels
    • Flexible internal logic to master complex transfer operations
    • Integrated in-phase monitoring for smooth, synchronized, and fast transfers

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