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Woodward Aircraft Turbine Applications


    Woodward equips the most complex aircraft propulsion systems in the world with complete engine fuel delivery and combustion control solutions, and proven fuel control and fuel injection components. We deliver these solutions in less time than ever before and at the lowest possible cost. We are the industry's leading supplier of integrated turbine engine control and combustion systems and we deliver the quality and dependability the global aerospace marketplace expects.

    Integrating the Turbine Engine Control and Combustion System

    Woodward’s key operating principles revolve around meeting customer goals for quality, performance, delivery and cost. We meet these goals with our breadth of engine fuel delivery products, our integrated approach to components and service, and our mission to maintain a system perspective. Results of this focus are felt every day in Woodward's high-performance products and services.

    By supplying the entire turbine engine control and combustion system, Woodward provides a single point of contact and helps customers realize significant saving through lower development costs, reduced system risk, simplified logistics, and improved integration.