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Woodward Aircraft Flight Controls

    Woodward, a leader in Advanced Cockpit-to-Surface Solutions for Actuation and Flight Control Systems

     Fixed Wing Cockpit to Surface Graphic

    Woodward sets the global standard in the aerospace and defense industry for advanced flight control systems, integrated cockpit controls, precision actuation solutions, motion control, and sensing.

    Over the last 50 years, we have evolved from an electromechanical and hydraulic motion control manufacturer to a technology leader for advanced cockpit-to-surface solutions for actuation and flight control systems for military and commercial fixed wing aircraft. Woodward can design, develop, qualify, and support all items needed to meet our customer’s total requirements.

    Woodward has total system solutions for your aerospace application. Our customers value us for our superior systems capabilities, operational and process excellence, innovative technical solutions, and premier customer service. 

    Woodward’s aircraft motion control products and total capabilities include:


    Fly-By-Wire Cockpit Controls


    Proven Primary/Secondary/Utility Actuation


    Components Provider


    System Integration Capabilities