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    Woodward supplies a range of products (controls, valves, actuators, safety systems, auxiliary, and combustion systems) for gas and steam turbines and compressors. We strive to reduce total installed/operating cost and emissions while improving availability, efficiency, start performance and operating range.

    Woodward has the longest legacy of any controls supplier in the industrial rotating equipment market. We continuously invest in bringing innovative solutions to real market needs. Our focus is on providing value to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM), packager and end user customers through combining our knowledge of controls, auxiliaries and combustion systems to drive optimization through simplification and integration.

    Woodward provides fast response, local, knowldegeable support, and optimized, cost-effective solutions to our customers through our direct sales force as well as through distributors, authorized independent service facilities and recognized turbine retrofitters.

    Our operations team addresses customers' logistics and operational issues by first gaining a thorough understanding of our customers' complete value chain. Woodward has implemented many focused initiatives including onsite inventory, onsite engineering, dedicated field service personnel, etc.

    As an independent company, Woodward is able to provide full service, support and upgrades for our current and legacy product lines.

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    Xcel Energy in Texas made the decision to upgrade the control system on its Unit 1 Westinghouse 540 MW reheat steam turbine due to concerns over the obsolescence . . .  (Read More)  
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