Woodward Aircraft Turbine Specialty Valves

    Specialty Valves solve customers’ engine challenges

    Woodward is a world leader in custom flow control devices across fuel, oil, and air mediums. Our experience includes critical flight applications in:

    • burner staging
    • flow shifting
    • thermal management
    • ecology purge
    • case cooling
    • fuel return to tank
    • motive flow
    • other customer-specific valves

    We believe no other company can claim more experience in implementing aircraft turbine system performance enhancements via customized flow management. As evidenced by the broad application list, program development leverages our strong fuel, oil, air, and combustion systems knowledge, allowing for a more capable product within a condensed program schedule.

    Design features include:

    • Strong leverage of industry leading knowledge and pedigree across fuel, oil, air, actuation, and combustion systems

    • Innovative systems approach to integrate fight critical, customized functionality while minimizing piece parts

    • Decades of industry leading market share and pedigree from millions of flight hours to reduce program risks and increase reliability


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