Woodward Commitment to Customer Support

    To support the needs of customers worldwide, Woodward offers customer service and AOG support.

    Customer Service Managers

    Woodward Customer Service Managers work with you to develop customized programs to meet your support requirements, business objectives, and logistical needs. This single point of contact provides you with a simple and direct means of communication.

    Europe, Middle East, Africa, India

    Phil Boyle
    Global Account Manager
    Phone: 44 1292 677602 (UK)
    Fax: 44 1292 677612
    e-mail: Phil.Boyle@woodward.com

    Eastern United States, S. America, C. America, Mexico
    Jeff Maldonis
    Customer Account Manager
    Phone: 815-639-6222 (USA)
    Fax: 815-639-6048
    e-mail: jeff.maldonis@woodward.com

    Western United States and Canada
    Chuck Johnson
    Customer Account Manager
    Phone: 815-639-6362 (USA)
    Mobile: 815-394-9606
    e-mail: Chuck.Johnson@woodward.com

    Eastern United States and Canada
    Brent Lewis
    Customer Account Manager
    Phone: 815-639-6628 (USA)
    Mobile: 815-218-2339
    e-mail: brent.lewis@woodward.com

    Asia, Pacific Rim
    Michael Hauser
    Global Account Manager
    Phone: 224-592-2524 (USA)
    e-mail: mailto:michael.hauser@woodward.com

    Les Yin
    Customer Service Manager
    Phone: 86-10-65101701 (CHN)
    Mobile: 86-13901240782
    Fax: 86-10-65171469
    e-mail: les.yin@woodward.com

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