Woodward Aircraft Turbine Ignition Systems

    Leader in Low Cost Reliable Aircraft Turbine Ignition Systems

    Woodward ignition systems provide state-of-the-art turbine engine ignition functionality at low cost and high reliability. Woodward provides a complete ignition system solution consisting of the Exciter, Ignition Leads, and Igniters.ignition_system_aircraft_turbine

    Woodward ignition products are based on proven platform designs that can be tailored to meet individual engine application needs while minimizing system cost.

    • Exciter - Solid-state electronic design maximizes commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, housed in a light-weight, modular, sealed enclosure
    • Igniter -  Designed to meet high operating temperature and long life requirements at low cost
    • Lead - Robust sealed design achieves low electrical resistance and a low profile for the lead-to-igniter connection

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