Woodward Actuation Products and Systems

    Industrial, Aerospace and Defense Actuation

    Airframe Systems Engine Systems Turbine Systems

    Woodward is a world leader in actuation technologies, products, and systems for transportation, power, industrial, and aerospace/defense industries. We develop and manufacture “mission critical” solutions for a wide range of applications in: 

    • Gas turbines
    • Diesel and gas engines
    • Wind and steam turbines
    • Electric power management
    • Compressors and pumps
    • Aircraft, helicopters, and UAV’s
    • Missiles and smart weapons
    • Land and naval defense vehicles
    • Automated manufacturing systems
    • Mobile and industrial equipment
    • Alternative fuel vehicles
    • Medical and animation systems

    Woodward actuation products and technologies serve the world’s most advanced power generation systems, commercial aircraft, and industrial processes, among many other applications. From our core competencies in electric power management, electric motors, fuel and hydraulics, electronics, and software, we deliver actuation components, integrated systems, and application packages that lead our industries in performance, reliability, and value.

    Top corporations and technology leaders around the world look to Woodward companies for actuation assistance and answers in designing and developing their next generation equipment and systems.